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A Systematic Approach to Business Process Improvement

Get a solid foundation for success by analyzing your organization to pinpoint areas of weakness. With the results, you’ll be able to identify cost-effective solutions to meet those business challenges and align that strategy with your goals for a better ROI.


Integrating Business Management Applications to Improve Business Performance

You depend on multiple systems and applications to keep your business running smoothly. But unless those systems are integrated to work seamlessly together, they could be creating more problems than they’re solving.


Reporting vs. Business Intelligence – Make the Right Choice

If you don’t know the difference between reporting and BI, choosing the right strategy for your business can be daunting. With this helpful guide, you’ll learn the pros and cons of each solution, giving you the insight to make the right decision for your organization.


The Impact Web Collaboration Can Have on Employee Efficiency

In today’s global business environment, the value of working together can have a positive impact on a company. Sharing information across geographic boundaries by using of the right communications tools is essential to improving productivity and empowering employee efficiency.


Small Business Networking

Effective technology is essential for small businesses looking to increase the productivity of their people and business. Introducing technology such as computer networks can help them to stay competitive by increasing productivity and by reducing hardware costs. Even simple networks make sharing information and resources easier, provide better security and enable easy backup facilities for any small businesses.


Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

For small businesses in today’s high-tech society, Information Technology (IT) has become a significant consideration. Implementing new technology is a challenging job for many small business owners and can cause numerous difficulties in day-to-day operations. A large number of small businesses are finding Managed IT Services as a solution to get the most from their IT investment.


Small Business Mobility

Mobile technology is becoming increasingly vital to your small business as the number of employees working from home or away from office is growing significantly. More than 50 million US workers are considered mobile, spending at least 20% of the time away from their primary workspace. Some of your employees, such as your salespeople or representatives, may be constantly on the move. Know the impact mobile technology can have on your business.


VoIP for the Small Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a viable solution for even the smallest of companies as broadband internet access has become affordable and much more widespread. VoIP offers a low cost alternative to expensive traditional phone services, and is rapidly becoming the communications system of choice to reduce telecommunications costs. Hosted VoIP services are also gaining popularity among smaller companies since these services do not require any investment in hardware.


Outsourced IT

The relationship between small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and Information Technology (IT) can often be described as a “love/hate” relationship. You absolutely rely on technology to help your business run efficiently, but IT is most likely not one of your core competencies – and just keeping your systems running can be a major undertaking that distracts you from business-building activities.


Customer Data Protection

With so much information floating around out there, your business is at serious risk if you aren’t properly protecting sensitive information and data. Thieves are now using both low and high-tech methods to steal critical business data and personal information. For the safety of your company, your employees and your customers, you need total protection for compliance, security and peace of mind.


The Journal of Healthcare Contracting: A Strategic Partner

Achieving supply chain success in the non-acute-care market is easily summed up: “It really boils down to having the right people, the right relationships, and driving the same end game for everyone involved,” says Debbie Long, CPM, CPIM, vice president, procurement, W Squared, a business process outsourcing firm in Brentwood, Tenn. “If we can do that and drive savings to the bottom line, then we will continue to grow.”

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Medical Practice Insider. Aggregated procurement: A smarter choice for physicians practices

Physician practices historically have had a difficult time negotiating favorable purchasing agreements. Most of the group purchasing organizations (GPOs) in healthcare are designed to serve hospitals, not practices. When small- to medium-size practices work with a GPO, they quickly discover (to their dismay) that roughly 90 percent of the items they need aren’t even under contract. That’s a huge obstacle to getting the best terms on pricing, quality and delivery.


W Squared Helps Onsite Healthcare Company Achieve Double-Digit Procurement Savings

CHS turned to W Squared, a proven leader in providing scalable back office support solutions to healthcare companies. The first task was to better align med/surg product inventory and suppliers to drive new efficiencies. The procurement team analyzed thousands of SKUs to create a formulary of the most-used items. By locking down the formulary, the team is now able to manage by exception. They have the ability to halt a purchase, actually negotiate it, and then add it to the formulary going forward.